Why bamboo

In times of depleting forest resources and environmental disasters as a result, not only in Indonesia but all over the world, we feel that we have to be part of a solution and contribute to reduce the harmful harvesting of tropical forests.

Considering that, we have turned to Bamboo for our furniture production. In Indonesia we have more than 30 different species of Bamboo. Below a few of the many reasons for choosing the eco friendly Bamboo:

  • Bamboo is not a tropical forest tree, it belongs to the grass family.
  • Reducing depletion of tropical rain forests which causing several damage to our enviroment.
  • Sustainable, fast growing resource which can be harvested every 2-5 years.
  • By nature renewable resource, its roots shot up new sprouts of Bamboo continuously.
  • The natural beauty of Bamboo in combination with enormous strength and durability.
  • Unlimited avalability of raw Bamboo.
After a long period of research and development we now feel confident and happy to present You our new revolutionary range of laminated Bamboo furniture and umbrellas. Laminated bamboo has the highest strenght-to-weight ratio of any natural fiber we have ever worked with. We really believe bamboo can contribute to a solution for the planet.
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