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PLANGREEN, the brand name of our exclusive collection of laminated bamboo and recycled teak furniture for use both at your outdoor patios as well as indoors. Developed over several years by Swedish Furniture Engineers with vast experience of together more than 45 years in the Indonesian furniture manufacturing industry, in collaboration with Indonesian craftsmen who have devoted their life to work with bamboo and reclaimed wood, will ensure you the best in quality and service, from raw material to container.

The factory, 5000 m2, situated on a 1 hectar plot of land in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia is quipped with complete machinery, imported from the foremost machine manufacturers in the world, among others High Frequency presses, ensuring a quick, strong and solid laminate.

With its kiln chambers of 100 m3 capacity, a quick turnover of drying the raw woods, enables the factory to produce up to 5 x 40-foot containers of high quality furniture per month.

PLANGREEN as well works with any other plantation wood, such as teak.

However, realizing the need for more eco friendly materials to work with due to the rapid depleting of the Indonesian forests including plantations, PLANGREEN has for the last 2 years been developing methods to successfully switch to bamboo as a raw material source.

Today PLANGREEN is the world leader in eco friendly laminated bamboo patio furniture with agents appointed in some 15 countries world wide.

After a long period of research and development we now feel confident and happy to present You our new revolutionary range of laminated Bamboo furniture and umbrellas. Laminated bamboo has the highest strenght-to-weight ratio of any natural fiber we have ever worked with. We really believe bamboo can contribute to a solution for the planet.
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